What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is one of the three main branches of Thailand’s ancient medical system which developed about 2,300 years ago with influences from Indian medicine.

What does the treatment involve?

The practitioner stretches and softens your muscles while working with the energy lines called ‘sen’ lines in traditional Thai medicine. In the massage, acupressure, rhythmic movements and stretches are used to both relax and stimulate the body. 
Sen lines are related to the ‘myofascia’ webbing that run continuously throughout the body connecting groups of muscle. Mobilising the fascia, gives muscles a chance to soften and move in new, non-habitual ways. 
The massage also involves applied yoga in which the practitioner moves the client’s body into Hatha Yoga positions called ‘asanas’.

What is the cost:
30 Minutes – £25
1 Hour – £45
90 Minutes – £60

What does the client need to do?
During the massage, you will remain fully clothed and no oils are used. Please wear or bring loose, comfortable clothing.

Where is the treatment given?
No special equipment is used in Thai massage so treatment can be in your home depending on location. You will need a room big enough to lie down and have me work around you. A duvet or futon mattress should be put on the floor for comfort.


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